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The Rules

Basic Rules/Guidelines

Do not intentionally malign, threaten, or attack another member of this community. It was built on the principle of support, and that's not exactly in line with hostility toward one another.

2. Offensive posts may be deleted, and you will be warned. I realize that constitutes offensiveness is objective, but some things should be obvious. Racial slurs and other disparaging names, et cetera, directed toward another person will not be tolerated.

3. When posting multiple or large pictures, please place them behind a cut tag. It's just easier that way.

4. If I feel a member is becoming a bit too "enthused" while venting and such, to the point of making others feel uncomfortable, I reserve the right to suspend or remove said member from the community.

5. Please ask before advertising another community here. I'll probably approve it, but I really would like to know what it's all about first.

6. If you're going to post song lyrics, do so in moderation, please, as I don't want five posts in a row of nothing but lyrics you didn't write.


I will most likely be going back and editing these when I find something not quite right with them (I was le tired, okay?), so check occasionally. I might add or remove something, not sure yet.

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the "the misunderstood English-speaking LiveJournalists of today" spiel, that does not include ppl hu tak lyk diS omg k!?!!1!oNe?!. In this community, "misunderstood" does not refer to one's ability to communicate. It's about the feeling of being alone and frustrated with your surroundings, human or otherwise.

Though these emotions are often dismissed as simply teenage behavior (angst), please note that there is no age requirement here. This is a place to meet and talk to people who you can relate to and won't write off your feelings as trivial and silly.

I know I'm not the first to think of this concept, and certainly won't be the last. I just wanted to lend support to people like myself who could use it. So just go ahead and I'll follow.



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